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CD: N 77 034
EAN: 5055551770341

2-LP: N 78 034
EAN: 5055551780340

1. Valse des Pharaons – 8.04 / soloists: Johan Hörlen_ss; John Marshall_tp; Paul Heller_ts
2. Senegal – 9.03 / soloists: Jean Philippe Rykiel_synth; Woz Kaly_voc
3. Emattéo – 9.11 / soloists: Shannon Barnett_tb; Frank Chastenier_p; Reda Samba_dr
4. Suite for Africa –10.33 / soloists: Woz Kaly_voc; Paul Heller_ts; Jean Philippe Rykiel_synth + keys; Rhani Krija_perc; Mokhtar Samba_drums
5. Dou – 10.43 / soloists: Jean Philippe Rykiel; Woz Kaly_voc; Andy Haderer_tp
6. Thé á la menthe – 7.52 / soloists: Karolina Strassmayer_fl; Jean-Philippe Rykiel_synth; Frank Chastenier_p; Paul Shigihara_g
7. Malik – 9.29 / soloists: Woz Kaly_voc; Jean Philippe Rykiel_synth; Johan Hörlen_ss

Mokhtar Samba drums, background vocals
Reda Samba percussion, drums on Emattéo
Rhani Krija percussion
Henry Dorina electric bass
Jean Philippe Rykiel keyboard, synthesizer
Woz Kaly lead an background vocals

Recorded August 2015 at the Philharmonie, Cologne, Germany
Mixed at WDR Studio 4 in July 2016

WDR Big Band Cologne

Johan Hörlen_alto sax
Karolina Strassmayer_alto sax
Olivier Peters_tenor sax
Paul Heller_tenor sax
Jens Neufang, baritone sax
Wim Both_trumpet
Rob Bruynen_trumpet
Andy Haderer_trumpet
Ruud Breuls_trumpet
John Marshall_trumpet
Ludwig Nuss_trombone
Shannon Barnett_trombone
Günter Bollmann_trombone
Mattis Cederberg_bass trombone
Paul Shigihara_guitar
Frank Chastenier_piano

arranged & conducted by Michael Mossman

feat. Reda Samba, Rhani Krija, Henry Dorina, Woz Kaly, Jean Philippe Rykiel & WDR Big Band Cologne arranged & conducted by Mike Mossman

At the end of August 2015 the WDR Big Band ignited an impressive acoustic fireworks of African timbres and rhythms at the Cologne Philharmonic. The guests were Mokhtar Samba, drums, his son Reda Samba, percussion, Rhani Krija, percussion, Henry Dorina, electric bass, Woz Kaly, vocals and Jean-Philippe Rykiel, keyboard. The pieces were arranged by Michael Mossmann, who also in charge of this major project. The music is presented by Mokhtar Samba: it is about vibrant rhythms and hypnotising melodies. As Mokhtar Samba feels very close to the music of his ancestors, his pieces are naturally heavily influenced by the elementary power of African rhythms.



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